Who hasnt watch the new video????? AWESOME SONG!!!!

:DD Some Updates!!

Sorrrrrry >< havent been posting for like a decade or smth :P



EPICNESS OVERLOADDDD \(^O^)/ *explosions*

if you’re like me sadly , live in the other side of the world , or its just too far u cant make it , or u have smth soooooo important on that day that u cant make it which is impossible , what can be more important  a Adolescence show???!!!! AND ITS HOUSE OF BLUES :D if you havent get your tix , go get it RIGHT NOW

[Only $10.00 from a Band Member :D 

BUY with Credit Card is $11 by Phone 858-689-8989 or online at http://www.reverbnation.com/show/6589961#!
If you live too far away but would like to support the Adolescence (Please do) you can buy some tickets on line and we will donate them to kids who’s families can’t afford to go. ] (copied from the Adolescence fb page :D)

And lots of emotional supports by posting on The Adolescence fb page , comment , like , favorite their youtube videos :D and visit them on http://www.reverbnation.com/theadolescence , a superb cool site :D

Adolescence youtube channel if u didnt know - http://www.youtube.com/soropallo

Adolescence Facebook page - http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Adolescence/260966760583751

Thats all for today i guess :P Thxs for reading , lets LOVE Adolescence together!

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GOT THE T-shirt :D


:DDD im lovin it

go get one now! :DDDD

The adolescence! :D fan art by me

The adolescence! :D fan art by me

Get it for xmas!

another awesome song :D scream if u are a girl \(^O^)/